Medieval Times - Buena Park, CA photos and review

Medieval Times - Buena Park, CA photos and review

This is a review that is filled with my personal photos and thoughts based off of an experience where we received tickets for free through

Adults $36.95 and children (12 and under) $29.95 with the code MT3629 through 2/28/17.


Walking into the castle..


Entering the castle, your hostesses will set you up with your table.  Here you will be assigned your knight, and also receive your crown.

Right behind there is an opportunity to take a photo, and a nice outdoor courtyard to spend some time before the show.

Note that you now have your table assigned, so there is no need to rush in for seating.  The earlier you arrive, the closer you will sit.  VIP's will sit the closest, because they have paid for it.


Gooo red knight


It may say VIP entrance, but everyone will eventually be called through here to enter.

While we waited for the 5pm show, a show was already going on.

We were able to see the horses resting for our show in the big back room.  There is plenty of memorabilia to purchase, such as swords, princess crowns and dragons.  Also, fun cups with adult beverages.


Some fun facts:
* All Knights begin their training as Squires - just as they did in the Middle Ages - learning horse care, sword fighting, and weaponry. It takes a minimum of six months of training to become a Knight.

* Knights perform with real metal weapons and wear authentic armor. During battle scenes, real titanium swords create sparks.

* Every shield must be repainted after every show.

* When jousting, the Knights charge at speeds of approximately 15 to 20 miles per hour and reach an impact velocity speed of about 30 to 40 miles per hour.

* Each year, 25 foals are born at Chapel Creek Ranch, where they spend two years training.

* Our horses enjoy retirement at the ranch after 15 to 20 years of performing.

* 125,000 gallons of soup are served each year.

* 400,000 gallons of Pepsi are consumed each year.

* Each arena is filled with about 4,455 cubic feet of sand - about the load of 10 dump trucks.

* Medieval Times is the #1 breeder of pure Spanish horses in North America.
(More information about the horses:


My son had such a great time.  In fact, we ALL did!


Your napkin is your menu.

There truly are no utensils at Medieval Times!  However, there are wet naps.  :)

There are vegetarian meals - which actually looked good.  A bean stew with all the same veggie sides as the non-veg meal. 


Each section lights up with your knight's color.


The horses were beautiful, and you can tell that the staff maintains great pride in their jobs and keeps this entire facility very clean.


Booo blue knight.  You cheer for your knight and your side, boo everyone else!


This sir, is your host for the evening.


The entire show is fantastic.  There are some down times for restroom breaks, if needed.  Or just to enjoy your feast!


The show consists of several parts.  Some purely acting, some with knights only doing competitions, and some with horses only.


My tiny two year old really did great.  We were scared that she would be scared but she sat by herself almost the whole time, ate more food than usual and cheered on the red knight.

The booster was a little funky, but she did good.  For tiny tots like her, a knee is probably fine.  But we got extra food and space this way so it was totally worth it.


My son enjoying his tomato bisque.  He is not normally a big eater but he enjoyed everything.  Plus we had a lot of leftovers!  They will bring you containers to take them home.


In case you were wondering, you do not have to tip your server.  But you will receive fantastic service regardless!

My Readers save at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.  CLICK HERE and use this exclusive promo code MT3629 through 2/17/17 and receive Adults for just $36.95 and children (12 and under) only $29.95.

Thank you!

Again, with Promo Code MT3629

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