Week 16 @NFL updates from instabloggermom #KCChiefs

Week 16 @NFL updates from instabloggermom #KCChiefs

For those of you who don't know much about football this is the news for you.  Tomorrow you should be able to go to work and hold a semi-descent conversation about what happened in the NFL this week.  I am not claiming I know much of anything, but I can somewhat translate what I saw and heard so far this week into this post. 

If you don't have a team don't worry.  I married into mine, KC Chiefs.  Win or lose we scream from California.  At first I hated everything about it.  I felt like my husband cared more about his team than me.  Our lives are scheduled around the Chiefs.  I have given in and enjoy learning now.  Still have a lot to learn.  Plus I have a good excuse to do nothing, stay in my pajamas and order pizza on Sundays.

Chiefs had a great game.  Dontari Poe is the heaviest man to score a touchdown in NFL history.  Travis Kelce had a personal best game and Tyreek Hill showed off his speed.  We are in the playoffs! We beat the Broncos and have (so far) swept our division.  You might know Travis Kelce from the E! TV show, Catching Kelce; where women from every state got to date him at a chance for love.  He's quite a catch - tall, dark, handsome, fast and probably the best tight end in the league.  This Chiefs win also knocked out the Broncos for making it to the playoffs after beating the Carolina Panthers last year to win a Superbowl championship.

If you don't know too much about football, there are 32 teams split into divisions.  Only 16 make it to the playoffs. 

Before that three players on other teams broke their legs, dashing wishes of a Superbowl ring. The playoffs are still up in the air for many and it's pretty confusing.  I am not going to try and make sense of it right now.  The biggest loss is probably Derek Carr, starting quarterback of the Oakland Raiders.  The Raiders still beat the Indianapolis Colts. 

The Patriots continue to destroy their competition, week after week.  This week crushing the NY Jets.  Congrats to the two teams beat this team this year.  Also, congrats to the Cleveland Browns who won their first game of the entire season on Christmas Eve by beating the San Diego Chargers.  The Browns got what they asked Santa for.  A win.

In other news:

  • The Eagles beat the Giants
  • The 49'ers beat the Rams
  • The Cardinals beat the Seahawks
  • The Saints beat the Buccaneers
  • The Falcons beat the Panthers
  • The Redskins beat the Bears
  • The Packers beat the Vikings
  • The Jaguars beat the Titans
  • The Dolphins beat the Bills
  • The Texans beat the Bengals
  • The Steelers beat the Ravens
  • Monday night football game: Cowboys vs. Lions

Note to you: don't jump on a bandwagon to pick your team.  Those teams rarely win and are good after a great, winning year.  Odds are slim to none they will win a Superbowl anytime soon again.  The most recent team to do it is those darn Patriots, in the early 2000's.  It's been over 10 years!

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I will try and do a post like this every week.  Why not... hope you learned a little something.

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