Like I don't have enough art on my body already, right?  (if you don't know, 50% of my body is covered in tattoos)

But considering I am covered from neck to toe every day at work I want to have a little flair on the small areas that are exposed - like my nails!

We don't always have the time to freehand designs, or use a stamping kit.

This is a fresh alternative to the other forms of nail art - literally a temporary tattoo for your nails!

These are the "mod" designs.  Totally feeling the vibe of these!

Each pack comes with 86 tattoos!  In all sizes depending on what you need for your fingers or toes.

You literally apply it like a temporary tattoo.

Here is an example of the first one I cut out:

I'm sure they look best on light colored polishes but had to take a chance over a dark(er) creme polish.

After a few quick seconds the design was on my nail.  Then I applied the recommended two coats of clear top coat and I was ready to go.

For only $12 I think this makes an awesome gift for a girlfriend or yourself.  It's a totally fun option to spice up your regular manicures.  And totally easy to do!

There are six different design packages, check them all out here.

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