Zoya Bekka, how I love thee...

I had to re-visit this polish because it is too awesome to let my beginner crappy photos not live up to what it really is.

If you ever wore highlighter on your nails in grade school and were hoping for a way to wear it again in your adult life, here you go.  It has been vamped up with sparkle & shimmer.

I LOVE THIS COLOR.  It is a fabulous base color for nail art.

This polish is on the sheer side so you need to layer it carefully.  Let it dry a bit in between coats.  This manicure is three coats total with a clear top coat.

Be careful, I find that mine wants to apply in a thick coat but you have to control it - don't let the polish control you.

The more even and on the thin-side the coats are, the better your end result will be with this.

This truly, and whole-heartedly probably one of my top five favorite nail polishes.  It is just so out there, and different.

I can't get enough of it.  Find myself going back to it over and over again.

Zoya, I declare my love to you for making this polish.  xoxo

Cosmopolitan Wild Thing nail art

OPI Pros & Bronze