Smashbox Blacklight cream eye liner

One word: insane.  This stuff is so silky and smooth I want to scream it off my rooftop.  Another shot, another score for Smashbox!

I present to you Girls on Film cream eyeliner in Blacklight.

Can you see those tiny almost minty-blue sparkles?  (you can click to enlarge photo) That is where I got the "insane' from.  Insanely fabulous.

These cream eye liners come with a fantastic brush.  I love that it is a brush for someone who may not already have one, or an extra for traveling or whatever floats your boat if you already have a ton of brushes.  Options.  I love it, Smashbox.

You can actually wear it as a regular liner, or as a lid smudge for a super simple smudge-y smokey look.

Here I wore it just as a liner.  A simple and clean look paired with Illamasqua liquid metal and Hourglass mascara.

(you can also click this photo to enlarge as well)

It applied like a dream.  It is not a smudge-proof liner, so you have some room to fix errors if you are not perfect with application.

Even though it is not noted as super long lasting, it did last all day.  Just as long as any of my labeled long-wearing liners.

The price tag is $28 but again, it comes with the brush.  A good brush can cost at least half that price, so I would say this is a fair amount to ask for the product.

Learn more about the Girls on Film collection by visiting the Smashbox website.

Product provided for 100% honest review

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