Tuff Scent Kiss nail polish smells like Cinnamon !

I LOVE the concept of nail polish that smells yummy.

Some smell so raunchy it actually gives me a headache.  Tuff Scent polishes have me awkwardly smelling my fingers throughout the day.

These nail polishes smell for 24 hours (or more, depending on the amount of hand washing I discovered.)

The color is called Kiss and it is part of the Earth Collection.

It is a frosty cinnamon color.

I love the unique bottle shape and size.

Look how pretty the cap is.  A good package makes a great product even more fantastic.

This color applied a bit sheer, so I carefully layered three coats.  The formula I really didn't have any issues with or the brush for that matter.  Normally dry time is never an issue for me because I am typically impatient and use a quick dry top coat.  But with a scented polish that would have really ruined the whole purpose behind it being scented.  I gave it about 20 minutes before I even touched a nail to see if it was dry because I was paranoid.  But they were dry, however, they could have been dry long before that I just didn't want to touch them.

As soon as you open the bottles you can catch the scent!  I was really surprised at how aromatic they are, and that even after 24 hours I still had a scent lingering.  This is so cool.  Scents have a way of stimulating all of your senses and get your brain going.

Since this is cinnamon scented all day I kept thinking about the holidays upcoming and it really kind of got me in the mood to prepare.  Honestly, I kind of needed it.  lol

Loving the concept, the packaging, and the product.  There are six collections that vary from 3 - 6 scents per collection.

They are $14 each but are .5oz which is good, plus that little something extra with a special scent.

I think this is a really cool thing to treat yourself with because I doubt you have many things similar to it in your nail polish collection - therefore you can justify it to a partner perhaps ;)

You can view all of the collections and purchase Tuff Scent polishes on their website.

Product provided for 100% honest review

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