shampoo just for curly hair?

I remember when I was a kid, there was so few options for shampoo.  The biggest variety was children's or adult - maybe with a few scent options.  Now there is shampoo for everything.  There is even shampoo that is not shampoo... go figure... I've always heard that Ouidad was great for naturally curly hair.  But I have to be honest- isn't it a little scary buying shampoo that is more than five bucks if you have no idea if it will really work for your hair?

If you don't know, Ouidad is known as the Queen of Curl.  Quite the impressive title!  The Ouidad website also has a curl profiler, to identify your hair type with the right products.  Cool.


This shampoo and conditioner combination are part of a balancing line.  They provided just what thick, unruly curls need - moisture.  One thing I have learned, whether it is skin care or hair care - using things in their original collections always excels the products to their maximum potential.

The shampoo itself was light and foamed subtly, with a soft baby powder scent.  The conditioner (balancing rinse) was amazing as a detangler and helped control my frizz.  Very few times am I able to wash and let dry naturally for perfect curls but after one shower with these, I could.  My hair was super soft afterwards and didn't feel oily or dried out.

The brand is now accessible outside of their own brand salons and website - through Sephora and HSN (home shopping network) These two retail for $15/each which is not bad considering they sell brands that cost this much at places like Target now.  If it works for you, then it is totally worth it.  Never tried a "drug store" brand for curls that worked this good.  Just sayin'.

Product provided for 100% honest review

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