Amika flat iron review (and comparison to Chi)

When this came in the mail... I died.  Just look at it!!!

the box.  omg.

it comes with clips, too.  awesome!

so effing cute.

Now for the actual review.  The goal was to compare it to my Chi flat iron.

I went into this review with zero expectations.  In my years of straightening my crazy thick wavy hair, I have tried everything from the drug store to the salon brands.

My only real success story (until now) was my digital Chi flat iron that my husband splurged on after I finally found a great hairdresser out here in the IE.  The Chi is great... it has three temperature settings that you can pick what you want and it heats quickly.  It has a dial that goes from off to 180.  I follow my hairdresser's instructions by only using my flat iron a few times a week to reduce potential damage.  Also, to use a protective oil before and after each flat iron session.  So, I got a bottle of Amika oil.  Naturally.

I've been curious however, if Chi really is "the bomb."  My husband was the one that did all the research and just surprised me with it.

Finally I have another name brand to compare it to.

For starters, this flat iron is cuter.  The weight is almost identical.  The plates on my Chi flat iron are non-floating as opposed to Amika's which are floating.  In my own research recently I have read that floating plates enable the flat iron to adjust to the various waves and textures in hair.  Pretty nifty, especially if you're having an especially crazy natural hair day.

All in all here are the comps:

  • the price is $10 more for Amika approx $116 for Chi and $125 for Amika
  • the temperature adjustment is on the inside of the flat iron on Amika and Chi's is on the outside
  • my Chi flat iron goes to 180 degrees and Amika goes to 200
  • the Amika is way cuter to look at and makes your powder room way cooler just by having it in there
  • my hair looks smooth and shiny with both flat irons and I didn't see much of a difference between a floating and non-floating plate
  • both flat irons take my medium-long thick hair approximately 15-20 minutes to flat iron entirely

(here is a photo post-flat-iron.)  Reminder: I am naturally thick, curly-haired, and VERY frizzy!

So there you have it!  It is really up to you!  But, hopefully this helps you make an educated decision.

Amika flat irons are sold in stores and online at places like Sephora, Folica, and loveamika.

P.S. They make amazing curling irons and hair styling products AND the most adorbs travel tools, too!

Product provided for 100% honest review

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