Juice Beauty cosmetics review

I went a little nuts on the Juice Beauty site a few weeks ago.  Fortunately, it turned out to be a very good thing.



Here is what I got:

Correcting concealer in Sand, SPF 30 tinted moisturizer in Sand, Glowing cheek color in Pink, Refining finishing powder in Sand, Illuminating eye color in Champagne.

What I loved/hated about each product...

concealer = (+) great coverage, good for my skin; (-) it comes out very quickly and is thin so it pools in the cap

tinted moisturizer = (+) thick, dreamy, creamy formula that has good coverage; (-) smells like old school sun tan lotion

cheek color = (+) perfect color, need very little to get a beautiful flushed cheek, (-) nothing

finishing powder = (+) everything,  (-) nothing

eye color = (+) super soft subtle color with a gorgeous shimmer, (-) make more color options!

In that little picture above I'm wearing all of the products together.  The only thing that isn't Juice Beauty is the mascara.  I even used my Reflecting gloss in Pink.

Juice Beauty has seriously sold me as a fan.  I also got some skin care products that I'll be writing about at another time.

I've got to recommend them.  Natural beauty.  and cruelty free!



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