Zoya True / Farah french mani with Zoya Maisie swatches

From the Zoya True, Spring 2012 collection I bring you Farah (ZP586): Full coverage, latte beige cream

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It may be hard to believe but yes, there is an actual difference between Cho and Farah.  Farah is more on the nude/taupe side and Cho is a tiny bit yellow.

I wanted to change it up a bit for you...



I wanted to do a french manicure, but with black tips so I could see how Maisie would look over the top of it.  The black tips were done with painter's tape and black Konad polish.

·           Maisie (ZP582): Blue tint with mylar green fleck effect

All of the photos I took turned out to be my own version of nail porn.  I just keep staring.

Stay tuned - I will be doing this with the rest of the Zoya True collection!

See my swatches of Cho and Bevin since those are done so far.


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Zoya Skylar meets Chloe on a cloudy Konad manicure

Zoya True / Bevin and Zoya Fleck swatches