Zoya Skylar meets Chloe on a cloudy Konad manicure

From the Zoya True, Spring 2012 collection I bring you Skylar (ZP588): Full coverage, silvered slate blue metallic

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I cannot explain how pretty this color is.  Zoya's definition of Skylar is above.  My definition is a soft smokey periwinkle with a touch of glitter.  For me, I liked it best when using 2 coats.

But y'all know me and know I can't leave polish just the way it is...



To go over the top of Skylar and my white Konad clouds I opted for Chloe (ZP584): Pink tint with mylar green and gold fleck effect

It made a pretty polish with a fun design even cooler.  You can see how it literally brightened it up.  There are gold, green, and pink colors that reflect off the mylar flecks over Skylar.  Even more than I could have expected with this pairing.

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