Zoya Tru inspires a purple orchid metallic EOTD

From the Zoya True, Spring 2012 collection I bring you Tru (ZP589): Full coverage, gilded purple orchid metallic

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I figured out why they named this polish Tru.  Because it is truly one of THE prettiest purple polishes.  ever.  onthefaceoftheplanet.

It has this bright yet subtle rose gold shimmer that you notice in the right lighting that is simply fascinating and beautiful.

In the photos above I used two coats of Tru with a clear top coat.

This polish was so pretty that it actually inspired an entire make-up look for me that revolved around getting my eyes to go with my manicure.

Just so happens I had a Jane Iredale palette in purples that look like they totally were from the same purple family.

What do you think?

Hope you have enjoyed my post!  If you check back the last several days I have many Zoya True and Fleck collection posts that include nail art, various swatches, etc.

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