Orly GelFX review and preview of Spring 2012

Yes, beauties... my ISSE adventure continues on my blog today featuring Orly!

Now this post needs an honorable mention because my friend Jen (better known as The Polishaholic) met up with me right as I walked up to the Orly booth.  So she joined me!

I had actually snooped around the booth long before my appointment for the GelFX demo and found the Spring 2012 polishes.

Here it is - Spring 2012 Cool Romance:

you can click on the images to make them bigger


I couldn't help myself so I bought the mani mini version of it and will be swatching it as soon as I can for you!

Then it was time for my GelFX experience.


In the photo above is how the GelFX actually work and there is also an image of three fingers.  The one with the gold polka dots was the nail polish I went in with.  Then my amazing nail artist Trina did some freehand designs on the next two nails.  The middle nail is actually textured!  It is so freaking cool I cannot stand it.  I keep staring at it and playing with it.  lolThe other nail she did is a dot and swirl combo which is super pretty.  I love how she kept in mind the rest of my nails, so I was still having a somewhat cohesive overall manicure.

The Orly representative shared with me that these are actually infused with vitamins so there is extra protection for your nails.  Some manicures last up to three weeks!  This is an LED cure system that takes 30 seconds per nail to set.  There is also a special wrap for easy and non-invasive removal.  What I loved most is that they appear to encourage the nail art side of the gel manicure, which many do not.  They had some fun designs on display at the table, and even the nail artist's manicure was bad ass.  My favorite note?  That these are acetone resistant.  So technically you can paint over your GelFX manicure and then remove it and not damage your Gel mani.  That is nail heaven.  For real.

I'm going to do a follow-up post of how these GelFX nails are lasting as well as swatches of the Cool Romance collection, so stay tuned!

For more information about Orly products please visit their website.


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