Hair Flairs Color Rub photos and swatches

I had recently read about a new Hair Flairs product called Color Rub.  I used to have pink, red, and purple hair back in the day.

This product will allow me to relive those days, without being stuck with that color for days/weeks/months on end.  Looking for a way for your kid to be "different" a safe way to dye their hair for competitions or sporting events?  Maybe just for yourself?  This is your answer.

Behold... Color Rub:

You can click on this image to enlarge


That's Jen's hair with the cool rainbow stripes.  OMG it looks so awesome on her!  My little rock star!

How does it work, you ask?


It is available in nine colors so you have a virtual rainbow.

This is for girls who want streaks without the damage of bleaching and dying!

This is for the girls who want to try the ombre hair but are too scared to have it be permanent!

This is for the girls who want to channel Rainbow Brite into their lives for only a day, then go right back to the girl they were before they Color Rub'ed.

This is for moms who have kids who want to dye their hair.

It is for moms who have kids that are cheerleaders or gymnasts - team spirit!  Or want to show team spirit themselves, without having to have that same spirit when they return to work.

I got one to try out for myself, so there will be a follow-up post coming - stay tuned!

For more information or to purchase Color Rub visit the Hair Flairs website.


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